Valentino Monti

Italian dj & producer



Valentino Monti was born on September 1988. At the age of 14 he started playing in a club in Lucca and private parties. His works and live sets were very successful and in 2004 he created a musical project called Ferramenta Musicale with his friends. He also began to produce somethings with the name “Saylor M”, but he wasn’t ready for this world yet. Neverthless his project was joined by Malibu Staff and he played in a lot of the main Tuscan Clubs like Canniccia (Marina di Pietrasanta), KamaKama (Camaiore), Tinì (Cecina). His style has undergone a gradual change during these years: from house music to minimal, and nowadays with deep/tech house and sperimental. At the moment he’s working for a variety of productions and he’s looking for a label that could produce his works.